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Trifecta Safety Solutions, LLC

Temporary and Permanent Nationwide On-Site Safety Staffing
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Our Services

Our services will take the hassle out of the safety process for your organization. We offer support from full-time safety staffing to safety audits and more. Whatever your safety needs are, Trifecta Safety Solutions can fulfill your requirements and requests. 

Safety Audits

Our team at Trifecta Safety Solutions will inspect your workplace or job site and document any areas not in compliance with OSHA requirements. We will also note and praise positive actions observed during the audit. While on-site we will meet and discuss our process and then review and help correct any immediate corrective action items that need to be completed and answer any questions regarding the safety audit.

Mock OSHA Inspections

The Trifecta Safety Solutions safety team is up to speed on all of the current OSHA regulations and requirements. During our mock OSHA inspections, we can act as an OSHA compliance safety and health officer to assure your workplace is maintaining compliance with current OSHA requirements. We will provide a detailed confidential report with the potential violations and areas you to correct. 

Written Safety Programs

Most companies are required by OSHA to have a set of written Safety and Health Programs. These programs are a custom set of documents that contains safety policies, procedures, and training documentation that is applicable to OSHA's Standards. This is a key component that reflects the way your organization does business. 

ISNET Assistance

Our ISNET assistance can help you achieve the requirements to be compliant with ISNET. We will complete the entire list of questions and rid you of the hassle of those mounds of paperwork and headaches that come along with achieving compliance through ISNET.

OSHA Safety Training 

Effective, ongoing safety training should be a priority for all companies. Our training solutions are both scalable and flexible to meet the needs of our clients. We customize training for our clients and meet or exceed all state or federal OSHA guidelines. 

OSHA Citation Support 

Our experienced staff can carefully assess the citation received and discuss options your organization has. We can provide representation to assist you in reducing or eliminating your citation and penalties during the informal contest appeals process. 

Eliminate the challenging recruiting and interviewing process by utilizing Trifecta Safety Solutions' national network of safety professionals. We will provide your company with:
  • No employees benefit expenses.

  • Reduced risk as our safety professionals are covered with liability insurance.

  • No unemployment and payroll taxes to deal with.

  • No cost of workers compensation to you.

  • Reduction in training cost as we will provide a safety professional that has the ability to meet your current safety training requirements. 

  • Each of our placements are subject to pre-employment drug screenings and background check

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Who We Are

Trifecta Safety Solutions wants to drive safety values through a practical, motivational, hands-on and educational approach

Our leadership team has a heavy background in the construction, industrial, and manufacturing environments. We have vast experience and knowledge about the safety challenges in all of these environments. Our goal is to provide your company with a real-world approach that is effective and efficient for your organization's needs.  

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